Life of a blogger, In My Own Words

bloggerIf you are a blogger then this might be your story. If you are not a blogger then you can actually realize what kind of life a he lives.

Basically we can say that a blogger is not only a writer, but he’s also an excellent researcher.

To write something on a specific topic, first you need do a deep research on respected topic.

A blogger lives in his own world. He just focuses on each topic, each word, and each sentence present in the world.

He thinks, he should know the entire concept or a history behind that thing or word.

Blogger always expresses his feelings, his emotions, his talent using only one weapon that is “a word”. A word is an only weapon that a he carries. And he thinks that using this weapon he can prove himself a better person or a better writer.

Beside this he always things to share his knowledge with other people so that they can actually learn something what’s going in the world. He just wants to keep people updated about day to day activities going on in the world.

Doing all these things in his life, he always thinks about his audience and praise that this audience should increase day to day. A blogger or a writer is directly dependent on his readers. Readers are only a way through which he can understand his limitations or his power.

If there is no audience then he will not survive for long time. A relation of a blogger to a reader is like human and oxygen. No human what is the need of oxygen or human but no oxygen then how human will survive.

Award to him is always the appreciation for his work, just a few words that’s “good job”. These few words encourage blogger and make him ready to rock the world with his words.

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