iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus Launched, See its Features

Recently, i.e on 23rd september 2017 the launching presentation of iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus took placed. It was not and launching but it was an presentation to let us know the features of these two phones, and the new one iphone x.

The technical staff of apple did the presentation by just introducing the features in new models.
Their are many of the sensors and features in this phones which mainly concentrate only on the security of the phone. It consists of features like fingerprint, face detect and many more.

Specifications of iphone 8 & iphone 8 plus:

iPhone 8

The above specifications are according to apple officials. Iphone 8 plus is just a elaborated version of the iphone 8.both of these phones has only minute differences. These version costs different based on their specifications.

Also the features in these models are new with respect to other iphone’s. New technologies are introduced in to this phones in order to deal with the customers requirements.

These phones are available in other countries , but in india it will be available from 29th september 2017. Its been releasing country by country.

Both of these phone supports wireless charging, fast charging. But for this they have not included these contents in the box. If you wish to gain the advantages of wireless charging and fast charging, you will need to buy these devices separately. This might be an negative point to the iphone lovers.

In case of storage capacity, customers get two options in case of storage. These phones are available in 64 gb and 265 gb respectively. According to use and storage capacity, customers can select the storage option. So choose your phone smartly.

Check price from various platforms, before buying the phone. I know it could difficult for you to choose between these two phones.

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