How to Use Any Sim in JioFi Device

how to use any sim in JioFi device

The Reliance JioFi device has made its mark in the market. But the question arrives that, how to use any sim in JioFi device. JioFi device was launched for those who don’t have a 4G enabled Smartphone. As soon as the Jio network start ruling in customers 4G handsets, the JioFi device also marked its place in the market.

The main use of JioFi device is to use a 4G network in non 4G handsets. But the main issue here arrives that, people want to use different SIM in JioFi device. This process is called as Unlocking.

How To Use Any Sim in JioFi Device:

  1. Connect your JioFi device with your laptop or computer.
  2. Open up Web Browser and Visit the link : https://jiofi.local.html
  3. Then login using Administrator as Username and Password, as it’s a default credentials.
  4. Click on User Management.
  5. Under User Management click Software Upgrade.
  6. Download the latest Software version, given below.
  7. Browse and select the proper file location and click on upgrade.

The current Software version in step 6 will be FXN_JMR540_R6.1, download and replace it by JioFi_JMR520_R6.20

Please find the download link below. Please download and implement all the steps carefully. During this process it you face any problem, please comment below.

Download JioFi_JMR520_R6.20 Here

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