How To Undo Sent Mail in Gmail , Easy Way To Do It

undo sent mailIf you have sent an email to someone and after you realize that the mail was send to a wrong person. So you might have thought of undoing it. But have you ever thought you can actually do it. You can undo the send mail.

Undoing the mail is a process of recalling the send mail. This consists of disconnecting its connection from destination path. Doing this, totally recalls the send mail.

For doing this you need to make some changes into your mail setting. The settings may differ from mail service to mail service. But i’m sure that this is an basic overview of setting, that you can make in your respective mails.

Once you have completed with all the settings, then after you can undo the sent mails. Previously sent mail cannot be recalled using these settings. For that i think there is nothing you can do now. But you can manage the mails which you will be sending in future.

So let’s begin with the settings to undo mail, please follow the below steps:

  1. On your computer, open gmail.
  2. In the top right, click settings.
  3. In the “undo send” section, check the box next to “enable undo send.”
  4. In the “send cancellation period” section, set time to decide if you want to undo sent mail.
  5. Save the settings.
  6. Now after each time you sent an mail, you will see two options,
  • View message
  • Undo message
  1. Using undo option you can recall the sent mail.

The above settings are done using gmail. If you use other mail service then above mentioned options may vary. But the process is same for nearly all  other mail service.

In above mentioned settings , in step 4 set an time period feasible to you. For best results make sure the time should not exceed above 5 minutes.

More the time period set may less the chances of undoing it. As the above mentioned time is passed , then you will not be able to undo the sent mail.

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