December Global Festivities: Google Celebrates with Penguin Doodle’s

December Global FestivitiesDecember is a month of seasons and celebrated as December Global Festivities. This month is really special and known for most favorite month in the whole world.

These are the cold days with a bunch of global seasons. We talk of festival and Google is here with to celebrate these beautiful seasons.

Google always spreads its love and wishes with its beautiful Doodle’s. Google Doodle’s makes us really feel special about the festivals. Google’s way of spreading love, happiness and best wishes for festivals is amazing and outstanding.

This year i.e. December 2017, Google is back with its Doodle’s. For wishing us about the global festivals in December, Google has launched penguin Doodle for celebrating these beautiful seasons in the month of December.

Penguin Google Doodle has bunch of wishes for festivals in month of December 2017.

This penguin Google Doodle December Global Festivities wishes for:

18th December 2017: December Global Festivities Season 2017

25th December 2017: Christmas 2017

31st December 2017: New Year Eve 2018

1st January 2018:      Happy New Year 2018

The first penguin Google Doodle celebrates 18th December 2017, i.e. this day is celebrated as December Global Festivities Season. This is the beginning of December festival seasons.

The second penguin Google doodle celebrates 25th December 2017, i.e. Christmas 2017. This is the most beautiful season across the whole world.

The third penguin Google Doodle celebrates 31st December 2017, i.e. new year Eve 2018. This is the last evening of the year.

The fourth penguin Google Doodle celebrated 1st January 2018, i.e. Happy New Year 2018. This is a first day of New Year 2018.

This is the digital way for celebrating festivals in the world of technology. Google search Engine is first search engine to post festive wishes on their homepage.

All the Google Search engine users love this way of celebrating the festivals digitally.

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