CCleaner Attacks The Over 2 Million Tech Giants

CCleanerIf your pc hangs a lot. You are facing issues with your pc, lets try ccleaner for your pc. If you don’t have an antivirus in your pc then this the right choice to go with this software.

These lines you might have listened from ccleaner or received an mail then here are some news from tech world.

In the past week of september 2017, the software well known for optimizing the pc’s has attacked on nearly 2 millions users.

CCleaner attack by APT (Advanced Persist Threat) :

Avast the company which owns the london based company has stated that the attack was an apt (advanced persist threat), and that has only targated large technical and telecommunication companies.

For an period of 15 august 2017 to 15 september 2017 the ccleaner version 5.33.6162 has affected over 2 millions customers.

Also now avast has stated that with the help of special cell they will trace the source soon. And the responsibility of handling the affected system is taken by the company. To protect them from upcoming attacks.

For this they has appealed to the rest of their customers to inform them, if any misactivity happen to their systems. Not only it is the responsibility of the company , but also the main role is of the users.

The users must verify all their networks , and make sure they have an secure network around them. This helps in coming attacks.

Ccleaner company is taking down all its recent updates, with the help of which, the mis-leading activities is introduced in the systems. By doing this, they will be installing newly secured updates to make sure the systems don’t get such again.

All the customers has faced many problems in this days, they are still dealing with the threats , that they think will take place in future. The company and all the employees of the company are their to help their customers.

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