Apple iOS 11.3 update: A Life Saver Feature

Advanced Mobile Location

Apple iOS 11.3 latest update supports Advanced Mobile Location (AML); this will automatically send user’s location in emergency case to emergency services.

Apple Latest update iOS 11.3 supports Advanced Mobile Location (AML) feature. This feature automatically sends users current location in case of emergency. This new feature update announcement is made on Apple’s official blog.

How Advanced Mobile Location Works:

Apple Latest update iOS 11.3 has a support to AML. When a user is an emergency, he usually calls an emergency number for help.

This feature will activate GPS, Wi-Fi and will send users current location to emergency services. This feature will help the emergency services to trace the user correctly.

AML is currently supported only in UK, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Lithuania and some part of Austria can take advantage of this feature. The Countries like India, US, China will be served later on with this feature.

Android Smartphone having Android Version 5 lollipop and higher, supports AML feature.

Apple Upcoming update iOS 11.3 update will also be focusing on battery life feature. This will give an exact battery life report, so that user will can charge battery as per his need. Also the feature such as notifying user about battery to be serviced will also be launched with this update.

Considering Apple iOS and Google Android OS features, we can state that, Google is much faster than Apple. Google is better in its features and services than Apple.

And this might be a reason For Apple to launch AML feature in Upcoming Apple iOS 11.3 Update.

Advanced Mobile Location (AML) is going to reduce the time taken by emergency services to reach the user or needy person. Also the exact location will help to determine exact location of user.

This feature will also help user to make less use of Smartphone in case of emergency, as this AML will do all the work automatically for him.

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