Android Oreo 8.0 Launched , Full Review And Feature

Oreo Recently i.e on 13th september 2017 google has launched an new android version 8.0 known as oreo. The motive behind launching this new android version is that, google want to serve their costumers an best product and feature.

To overcome the issues with the old android versions google has launched their new version.this new android 8.0 oreo comes with lots of new things, that you may not even imagine.

In this new version the security concerns are taken into consideration and there after the development of the android oreo 8.0  has usual the new android 8.0 will be coming with a bunch of google built in product apps.

These apps will give you more comfort to use.the text-to-speech quality will try to overcome all the drawbacks of older android compared to android 5.0 lollipop the after that android 6.0 to android 7.0 was not that much popular. So lets hope good for new android 8.0 oreo. And may it fulfill the needs of the users.

This android 8.0 oreo consists of following features:

1]Picture in picture mode:
this mode or feature in android 8.0 is new as compared to all other android this mode , the apps can share the screen. Let me explain you in detail. Suppose you are watching a video, and suddenly you realized that you have to book and travel ticket. So without closing the video you can book your ticket without any issues. The proverb “share and care ” is used into this feature. Lol…. 😉

2] Smart text selection:
this feature will allow you to search an specific word from an article or and site you are surfing contents from. It will automatically predict that you want to open that word in chrome and look its meaning.

3] Battery saver:
the battery optimization feature to save your battery has been successfully overcomed into this android version. The backgroung apps that consumes a lot of battery are not optimized properly to save battery life.

4] Notifications:
now you can customize your own notifications settings. You get an full access to notification area.

5] Sound quality:
new codec has been introduced to make the sound quality better. The new codec will be receiving new updates time-to-time , hence to achieve more perfect sound quality.

6] System optimizaton:
optimization technique in oreo has been made advanced to make apps and system run smoother as task cleaners are introduced to detect and remove the garbage collections.

7] New emojis:
if you love chatting then it could be a good news for you all. Now you will see new emojis in your phone for making your chatting more smart and advanced.

8] Autofill:
the autofill privacy and all the access is given to user in andriod 8.0. This will definately save your time also security will be maintained.

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